Iris Sizzle Reel

This reel was created for Iris in 4 days on only 12 hours notice. The goal of the reel was to introduce them to a new client they were bidding for. From Pre-Production to Post-Production this was conceived on Monday and Delivered Friday afternoon. CEO of Iris was shot by another production company in London.

Mercedes-Benz Running Footage BTS

Sometimes the project itself creates something that is not all that interesting to watch. That is the case with Running Footage productions. These are productions that are geared towards creating assets to use later in commercials, how-to videos, video brochures, and walkarounds. Here is a BTS we created of what ist like creating these assets, because that’s certainly more interesting to watch.

Smart Demo Games

The Smart Demo Games is a product that was conceived by the Smart Car Team at Mercedes-Benz USA as a way to educate and entertain its customers at the same time. The full concept was created by the MBUSA Ad Agency “Merkley & Partners”, and was finally produced by Torque Creative. We provided crew, gear, and expertise to create the final series which was published to Youtube. Watch the rest of the series on MBUSAs YouTube channel.

Steve Canon Executive Address:

This address followed an edit of a running car footage reel to welcome dealers to a training session they were attending.