Ford- Chariot

The Challenge

A VFX house we work with on occasion called us, they had a friend who wanted to recreate a previous B-Roll only job "but better", they wanted to do it in NYC, and they wanted to do it on the cheap.  We have some experience with on the cheap so we dove straight in. 

The Solution

In order to get a high-quality footage without the expense of standard running footage, we opted for 2 setups, one movi on a flow cine arm on a Jeep that had already been rigged out for this kind of job, and a pass by camera to get shots as the vehicle drove by. This camera would also peel off to get iconic NYC shots.

The Results:

Its always the case that something will go wrong, in this case, the weather the weather got us. It was supposed to be a nice cool day, no rain.  but of course just as we are starting our set up, the rain starts coming down.  We quickly pulled garbage bags from production and set up.  We were ready to go and could have shot that way, but then the rain passed so we removed the garbage bags, and we started shooting. 


Only, now it got warmer than we had expected which caused our Movi to get a little unhappy with us,  After a few attempts and failing about halfway through the day, we wrapped the movi in a heat shield and finished out the day without problems. 

Production Notes:

We definitely delivered on the "but better" portion of their request.  The footage needed some post stabilization which each user of the B-Roll will have to do on their own, especially on the cobblestone streets of lower Manhattan. 


The client was happy with the work product we provided and has since distributed the footage to all journalists and news agencies to announce the release of the new Chariot service.  The footage is also being saved to be used in various marketing campaigns for Ford and the Ford Transit. 

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