Iris Sizzle

The challenge:

Iris found out they would be pitching for 3M's business and immediately called us to make a video about their team.   They needed a video about 8 minutes in length, showcasing some of their work, their team, and their offices.   The challenge was that they only had a week to create this video, pre-production, production, and post.  On top of that, since it was a pitch the budget wasn't what it would normally be for such a project. On top of all that, we had 3 other productions that week.

The Solution:

We quickly called a director we thought would be a good fit for a project like this and started pre-production.  48 hours later we were in the Iris offices shooting some key players and some b-roll of their offices.  Then quickly to the Avid Suite for a quick edit.  The remainder of the edit and changes by the client were all done in the Iris offices on a laptop with their creative director.

The client loved the video and was made part of the pitch to 3M, however, unfortunately, Iris didn't win the 3M contract, but the video itself was successful.   It was actually awarded a Telly Award or "Craft Directing"  

Production Notes

The Results:

We got lucky on this one with the weather. Normally rain is not weather you hope for but because of the last minute nature of this shoot, rain made lighting the big open windowed space easier.  We lit the interviews with Lite Panel Astras, some with Chimeras and some without. 


We also decided that although we wanted a clean look to the video, we also wanted a little bit of character, so we opted to shoot on the Leica Summicron-C lenses, on the Red Weapon.  Shooting Weapon gave us the ability to shoot DNxHD which we took advantage of because of the short turn around time and the fact we were posting this in Avid. 


If you watch the piece you'll notice the CEO of Iris was shot in London, due to time constraints a separate production company out in London shot this interview, unfortunately they didn't adhere to the standards we set in NY, but we were able to cut to it without too much of a jarring effect.  

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